Our Works

Our collection of case studies highlight how organizations are taking benefit of our services to fulfill business initiatives and overcome challenges.

Loyalty Management

Asyst loyalty project has supported the travel reward programme of the leading airline in Indonesia since 2005. It started as a joint project with Lufthansa Systems AG, working side by side with Miles & More - one of the Europe's leading Frequent Flyer program.

Since the first implementation in 2007 and through ongoing development and management of the airline Frequent Flyer Program, this project has provided vital platforms and solutions to ensure member's loyalty and meet the challenge of FFP industry.

In addition, Asyst also has assigned some of the project team members to collaborate closely with the customer to review the program periodically in order to meet the changing demands and preferences of FFP's members.


sMile - a loyalty solution for airline.

sMile-Link – a solution for file exchange among airline loyalty program.

Web FFP content management solution.

FFP members have grown for 400%, around 1 million member wordwide since the migration to Asyst Loyalty Solution in 2007.

Significantly increased the proportion of airlines and non-airlines partners that stand over 30 partners.

Mobile Application Project

Asyst currently being developing several multi platform applications that include :

Front End Application :

  • Native Mobile Application
  • Developed for iOS and Android Platform
  • The application can be downloaded from Google Play & Apple AppStore, and can be accessed directly by end users
  • End user can install and use it from their mobile devices

Mobile Management Module

  • Mobile Management Module is a back-end application to support front-end application. It contains management console module and proxy service that will interact with core enterprise system such as e-commerce server, etc.
  • This component is designed to prevent direct access from front-end application to core enterprise system with high security level.

Content Management Systems

Manages information content displayed for users.


Helps to determine aspects of the features that will be developed in accordance with mobile access traffic. This facility can be use for business marketing campaign.

Sales Dashboard

Provides sales information generated from mobile channels.

Management Dashboard

Provides importance information on use of the application ( the volume of transactions, number of connections, CMS users, etc. )

Application Support Management

Provide full cycle application support management, back-end component monitoring, application platform monitoring and system administration ( Web and DB) and OS/Hardware.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Project

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) project is an interface development project to enable several different applications that are used in day to day business processes to communicate in accordance with customer's desire.

The first ESB project was implemented in April 2014, done by ASYST team who already have a TIBCO Certification. To date there have been 10 ESB projects undertaken by ASYST team. Currently the team has working on to ESB project related to passanger services and financial functions. Both of these project are planned to be implemented by the end of 2014.
Along with the development of customer's business processes, the more applications require interfaces.